Our Story

PathGen Diagnostik Teknologi is a health biotechnology company initiated by NICCRAT (Nottingham Indonesia Collaboration for Clinical Research and Training) consortium. PathGen Diagnostik Teknologi focuses on the development of low-cost robust molecular diagnostic tools and capacity building to deliver the technologies. The company is located in and incubated to Center for Utilization and Innovation of Science and Technology at Indonesia Institute of Sciences (Lembaga Pengetahuan Indonesia/LIPI), an Indonesian government research body.


“Global equity in precision medicine”


“Providing low-cost molecular diagnostics for cancer and other diseases in Indonesia and engaging in capacity building through knowledge exchange with the global partners.”

What Make Us Different?

Currently at PathGen Diagnostik Teknologi, we are focusing our effort to bring low-cost molecular diagnostics of cancer into clinical implementation to guide for better cancer management in Indonesia. We put into consideration the characteristics of Indonesia as a large archipelago with high number of population and unequal distribution of health care access, thus we are directing our efforts to deliver platforms that can be used as point of care (POC) services. We are greatly supported by the world-leading experts in the field of genetics and molecular diagnostics of cancer from reputable institutions both in the UK and Indonesia.

In addition, our CEO, Susanti, has unique insight as a cancer survivor herself. At the age of 30, she was diagnosed with stage 3 colorectal cancer and had to go through several surgeries and chemotherapy in hospitals in Indonesia. Her experience of cancer has given her important perspectives into the field allowing her to form research and development strategies that are particularly relevant for patients and those living beyond cancer. She also passionate about improving equal access to cancer care in countries with limited resources by driving forward low-cost diagnostic and treatment options.